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After a MUCH needed 2 weeks off what was supposed to by my last post of the 2012 is now my first post of the 2013.   It’s a different season here now despite the Christmas tree in my living room or the wall calendar that says December on it.  I’m tying up lose ends, planning (dreaming) about new things for the New year, taxes, paperwork, filing, reorganizing….. It’s literally all “business” and very little photography .  Every year I pull out my  microscope and examine the previous season, what I loved, what I didn’t….where can I improve, how can we grow this?? (I torture myself every winter with so many questions!!)   I’m not good at not being busy.  I worry; I reflect.  I have new ideas some that I put into motion and some that sit and wait. Timing is everything, right?  I feel thankful that business grows and continues to thrive.   I consider trying to identify a “niche”.  Should I  narrow it down to  a couple of types of photography that I enjoy the most?  I’m envious of other photographers who just  know that one thing  they’re supposed to do and do it with all their heart.   So as I reflect on all the years and all the sessions I had a revelation, a fresh new reminder right  in front of me.  His name is Titus.  I see him, I hold him and it becomes clear to me.   My “niche” isn’t about one specific thing, it’s about the seasons…. of LIFE  (Hooray!!! She’s had a breakthrough!). I look at him and realize that had I missed just one of these seasons it would have been the same as just skipping a chapter in a story.

You may have seen them before…. I did an engagement session with Mark and Sarah on seriously the COLDEST day I’ve ever worked outside.  (I have a new rule, no outdoor sessions if it’s below 20 degrees….Brrrrrrrr….).  Their wedding comes on a March day that is 60 degrees, humid and the trees are all in full out bloom…. I spend the day absolutely amazed (and warm).  They notify me shortly after their wedding that a baby is on the way and we plan a maternity session for a beautiful fall day…. It’s 80 degrees, in October.  (We nearly sweat to death but they appear cool and comfortable in their sweaters).  Titus makes his arrival, just in time for Christmas.  When we meet again it’s snowy, it’s December 30th and another season is upon us.  A year ago they were a couple planning the wedding of their dreams; they’ve transitioned so nicely from newlyweds to a sweet little family.  Enjoy this little re-cap of some of my favorites of them from the year.

No big changes on the horizon for me.  I’m just here doing the daily duties that come with owning a business.  I’m more content than ever though and looking forward to the next chapter, the next age, the next stage…. enjoying every season for what it brings.

Happy New year!!

Kim Van Dorp - January 8, 2013 - 9:15 pm

Terri, thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us! Love all of your pictures. This adorable little baby sure does make me want another!!! Kim

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