Monthly Archives: March 2010

Cancer sucks….

Cancer sucks.  I sat here and tried to think of a nicer way to write that and then realized when there were a few other choice words, that WAS the nice way of saying it. I know several people that are in the battles of their lives fighting this dreadful disease and although I can […]

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Sweet faces…

I go waaaaayy back with this family.  I have a history with them.  I knew them before they were a family, shooting an engagement session and then their wedding several years ago.  A few years later I grieved for them when their first son was stillborn and was thrilled for them when they were expecting […]

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Thinking Spring….

Whenever I think of spring I always think of  my sweet Jenna.  I joke that she was born after the longest winter of my life and she brought spring with her the day she was born. So here we are March 2 and I know that the cold blustery days are now numbered and the […]

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