Minisessions! | Grand Rapids Family Photography

I’m so excited to be announcing that we will be offering a variety of minisessions this year.  Our first one has already started with a bang!  I was excited to shoot the promo for it and was blessed to have these beautiful women come and model for me.

ALL of our family photography is going to take place in minisessions this year….Why?  Because I’m so busy shooting so much in the same places and after you show your friends their photos they want me to head over there with them.  I also had to turn away a lot of clients last year because I just got so busy.  In an attempt to plan ahead minisessions will be less expensive than my regular sessions, shorter in their duration (your kids and husband have a limit anyway).  It will also allow me to announce where I’m going.  When the session you’re looking for comes up you can easily and affordably get in.

$50 is required to hold your appointment but good news….when you place your order it’s considered a credit.  How sweet is that?

What do I wear??  For this session, all white.  It’s very simple and beautiful.  I love the look with jeans and a hat that you’ll see on Mandy.  Keeping it simple is key. Pastels would be gorgeous, pj’s might be adorable to.  Keep the look soft.

I’ve had a few people ask..”Can we pop outside for a few if the weather is nice?”  This session is going to be all indoors but I will be offering other minisessions that will be outdoors in a park, a barn, a field, downtown GR in both city and urban and 2 times we’ll head to the beach.   Contact me earlier than later if one of those sessions appeals to you.

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