Grand Rapids Wedding Photography | Mark & Sarah

My first wedding of the year was on March 24th and I promise I’ll remember this wedding as long as I live.  Confession…. I’m not a fan of March weddings.  Why?? We live in Michigan, our weather is less than predictable and March is never pretty!!  Until this year that is.  We had a week of blazing warm temperatures which forced the trees and flowers to all wake up.  I spoke with Sarah’s Mom the week before the wedding and she was hoping for no rain and 65 degrees (she was actually hoping for a cool off since we were in the upper 80’s) and the rain held off but she was wrong about the temps…it was 66!! Ha!! All day long I kept just stopping and taking it in….Is it really March? Is it really THIS beautiful out?  I know that everyone was delighted with the weather, but as a wedding photographer for over 13 years, to be outside in MARCH and not be freezing or jumping over puddles or piles of snow…It’s a miracle.  Now it’s April and it’s chilly and breezy out.  I never thought I’d say this but I sure wish March would come back!

I’ve know Sarah’s family for several years and have done all sorts of photography for them.  I hosted a backyard bible study 2 summer’s ago and Sarah joined us so it offered me a chance to get to know her just a tiny bit better. When she called me and said “I told you if I ever got engaged I’d be calling you to shoot the wedding!”…  WOOT!!  She might as well have asked me to be her maid of honor!! (No lie, I was that excited! ).

It was such a great celebration, everything was so nice. There were so many little moments that occur at every wedding that I never tire of.

Every time I see a mother dress her daughter for the wedding it chokes me up.  I think of how many times I’ve buttoned my daughter into a little outfit or fastened her little buckles on her shoes; I can only imagine that mother is reliving all of those moments herself.

Then there’s the Mother & Son dance….I think of the hours I spent rocking or pacing the floor with a boy in my arms, swaying him to sleep (please go to sleep little boy!)….is this dance their last dance?  He won’t really understand his mother’s love for him until he paces the floor with his own child.

And finally a moment for Mark and Sarah standing during their ceremony, the pastor couldn’t have put it better when he said “There will be days when he doesn’t seem like the fine prospect he is today” ; it’s so true.  But with the tough days come plenty (plenty!!) of wonderful days….enjoy each other; celebrate not this day but all the days…being together is what makes the ride worthwhile.  A kiss for luck and you’re on your way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ….for including me in your celebration!!! Blessings to you!!

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