Mark + Sarah |Grand Rapids Michigan Engagement Photos

Brrrrrrrrrr…….Can we just say “Pure Michigan” and leave it at that?  Our weather pattern has been less than predictable this year.  Along with a lot of other people  I have complained a little (a lot) about the lack of snow and warmer than normal temperatures.  Truth is, I want the snow minus the cold; it’s too bad it doesn’t work that way.  When I started editing these photos today I had to go get a space heater to blow on me during the whole edit.  I think my mind has post-traumatic stress syndrome after being outside on such a freezing cold day.  At 10 am on Saturday the snow and sunshine were absolutely beautiful but the thermometer indicated that we were at a balmy 15 degrees.    I don’t even want to know what the wind chill was.  So here is the new rule….30 or warmer….I think my clients should be allowed to breathe during their photo session and I’m telling you the truth…. they had to HOLD THEIR BREATH in order to not to see it in the photos!

Whether or not they were freezing, they were sweet, kept their sense of humor,  shared the details about their upcoming wedding &  just followed my lead.

Mark & Sarah definitely had their love to keep them warm.

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