Jaxon – 6 weeks old| Grand Rapids Michigan Newborn Photography

I don’t usually photograph many infants at 6 weeks, it not that I can’t, it’s just not your “traditional” time . When his Mom called and  started telling me how important it was to her to get some photos of him soon since he was growing so fast and I was immediately on board with her sense of urgency.  At 6 weeks he’s a 12 pound little butterball.  His little cheeks are so round & sweet,  eyes big enough to  melt anyone’s heart, and his creamy beautiful skin. He’s gorgeous.  Babies really grow SO incredibly fast, the ages and stages just flow from one to the next.  In just 6 weeks his little personality is now emerging and he just loves his Momma.  During the session his eyes roaming, listening  for her familiar voice and he breaks out into a huge grin when he finds her face.     If you think his smile is sweet, you should see the smile that comes onto her face when she looks at him… so beautiful.  Can you believe I make a living at doing this?

Watching them together I am reminded of that song by Celine Dion – “Have you ever been in love”…

Have you ever been in love
You could touch the moonlight
When your heart’s shooting stars
You’re holding heaven in your arms
Have you ever been so in love

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