What to bring to your Child’s photo session| Terri Gillis Photography

This is Clara’s 3rd Session as part of her set of photos for her First Year. She is FULL of life, energy and just a little doll. She’s so much fun!

The great thing about this session is her Mom put thought not just into her outfit but to spice it up she brought along little hats, bathing suits and the things her girl loves most. Clara is at an age (8 Months) where she wants to have something in her hands all the time. I can pull out my bells and rattles but NOTHING evoked the response we got when we pulled out her lambi…. her Sophie (apparently the worlds most expensive infant teething toy)…. or…. best of all…..her beloved potatoe masher! Who knew a potatoe masher could be so amazing?!?

You want your photos to not only convey the look of your child but also t their personality drawn out as well. Bring their beloved toys!! Even if it’s a potatoe masher!!!

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