West Michigan High School Senior Photography – Now scheduling the Class of 2012!

I’m so excited to work with the Class of 2012 and have spent the winter preparing for them!  I’m so excited about my new studio, especially since I have more options to offer than ever before.  I’ve already started booking and I can tell the appointments are going to go fast.  It makes me sad in August when people call and I have to tell them that I’m booked for the season (this happens EVERY year), so please don’t postpone scheduling.  Contact me at 616.550.8997.

These are the questions I’m frequently asked so let me offer you some answers now:

“When should I book?” ….. Now. Don’t wait, summer gets crazy for everyone so if you know your senior’s schedule, book it as soon as you can. My schedule fills up every summer and I feel terrible when I received calls in August to book a session and have to  inform them that I’m booked for the season.

“What should I wear?”…….Clothes that reflect your style and personality.  I recommend avoiding big prints and crazy patterns, but if that’s you, bring it.  Bring your closet if you have to!  It’s better to have too much to choose from than not enough.  Variety is important.  I’ve had several guys bring 3 colors of the same shirt.  Don’t do it. One long sleeve, one (or two short sleeve) a polo & a tshirt for guys.  Some light colored and some dark colored.  Girls, tank tops are adorable but event the girls with the very thinnest arms can feel self conscious.  Sleeves really look best.  Again, bring a variety and I’m happy to help you choose.

“I can’t decide what type of session I want, what’s the difference between organic, traditional or urban?”

Organic:  For those who just feel good being outside. Outdoors, nature, trees,  water, flowers, rocks, its very natural.   We can go to barns or fields, the river, lakes, downtown Rockford and I have several spots around Grand Rapids.

Urban:  Building, warehouses, parking lots, roads, downtown Grand Rapids.  When I shoot urban I don’t necessarily add in “grunge” unless that’s what you’re really wanting.  You’re still the main attraction in the photo but in an interesting and different location.  Downtown Grand Rapids is my favorite place for these types of sessions.

Traditional – Studio, backdrop, traditional posing,  shirt and tie or simple sweater.  Classic, timeless, beautiful.

“Do I have to choose only one style?”….Not at all!  When we schedule I’ll ask a few questions about you and your interests. After you select the type of session you want we’ll then determine where the best locations are to achieve the look that best suits you and your style.  You will be surprised by the variety of looks we can get at different locations.  The main thing is keeping you the main thing no matter where we’re photographing.

“I want to have my session done with a friend, can you do that?” …..Yes.  All of my sessions are even discounted when two students come together.  Just because you’re being photographed together doesn’t mean your photos will be identical.  It does mean that we’ll have to agree on the type of session and the style, but that’s about it.  Your photos will be similar but definitely different.  And it’s so fun to do this with a friend, I absolutely encourage it!

“My son is dreading this and probably won’t change his clothes.  This is more for me than him, what do I do?”…..This year I’m happy to be able to offer the “Drive-thru” session for your student.  Some kids are not wild about having their photo taken.  The session is $50 for 30 minutes, they can show up, have their photo taken and their out the door. I promise that it’s relatively painless and they always leave and say “Wow.  That wasn’t bad at all.”….Bring an extra shirt if you want.  I have a way of begging them to “please, can we do one more shirt?”.  They alway oblige.

“I was thinking of having a friend take my photos?”……Last year I worked with 4 seniors who had their photos taken by amateur photographers and to say they were disappointed would be an understatement.  I’ve worked as a professional photographer for 11 years.  I’m not only familiar with the whys and hows of photography I am also familiar in how to interact, pose and present your images to you professionally and in a timely manner. Your image is important to me and photography is an investment, make this decision carefully so you don’t have any regrets later.

“Can you send me some information?”….Definitely! Just email me at gillisphoto@mac.com.  Include your name, address and school and I’ll send it right out to you.

carrie - June 25, 2011 - 2:31 pm

Kyler is looking into senior pics as he will be a senior this fall. I know you fill up fast and may already be filled. Please let me know either way.

He is more of a studio type of teen but would like to incorporate hockey and fishing into the mix if possible.

He has no clue as to what he really wants…LOL

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