Mike & Tori |Grand Rapids Wedding Photography|

33 sessions and 3 weddings in 21 days…  That all seemed like a good idea when I was scheduling it but now I’m BURIED in photos! {YIKES!!}  The weather has been great, my clients have been amazing (and so patient) , my family has been supportive by tolerating a less than organized house and eating meals on the fairly simple side (and a little later than normal). So while I’m out and about with my camera every day it’s left me very little time at my desk; I can’t believe this is the last week of summer. Next week my house is going to be a lot quieter and will stay picked up for longer than a few hours.   My schedule will change to an easier balance and we will be back into a more settled routine, I’ll have time to catch up on work and housework, and maybe squeeze in a full shopping trip to the grocery store…. with a LIST.  Do I dare to dream of such things??

Mike and Tori’s wedding was beautiful.  It was so sweet and simple and it just makes me wonder when and how and why weddings got to be so complicated.  At our meeting they told me that they were going with a simple appetizer and dessert reception in the church’s gym/fellowship hall because there were so many people that they loved and wanted to be part of the celebration that it was the only way to avoid leaving anyone out.  Every table had a cake on it in the center, all the cakes were brought by their friends and family.  I watched as the guests studied the tables and decided where to sit based on the cake.  I loved this!! (I’m a little crazy when it comes to cake)

The focus wasn’t on the cakes or the party, it was the marriage.  Young and old came from near and far to witness as these two accepted and made a promise to be committed to God’s gift of marriage.  A marriage that will undoubtedly be a platform to share God’s love and grace with each other and everyone that crosses their paths. There isn’t a cake in the world that could top that.

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