Happy Monday!

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE Mondays?  Today is the first day of summer vacation and my children are being unusually cooperative.  I don’t think they’ve reset their summer vacation switches which works for me because it’s been a dig out day in my office.  I’m thankful for the clouds out my window because if the sun was calling my name I would have to put the shovel down and run for the sun.  The summer season is really winding up with tons of  sessions on my schedule, many families that I work with year after year and a few new faces coming my way.  My variety of spots seem to be a little wider than normal which is nice to mix it up a little but I do have my favorite, tried and true, spots.    I took this family downtown Rockford which is really becoming the hot-spot for a lot of photographers and it’s no wonder because the area is so lush and beautiful right now and there are endless spots to work and create beautiful photographs.  Take all of that and add in a cute family and a little girls in a cute colorful outfits and suddenly we’re creating something beautiful and fun that you’ll love forever.

How can you visit Rockford and not get ice cream? I frequent both Rocky’s and Custard by the Dam since I have fav’s at both but I am always amazed that children will always select Supeman or Rainbow sherbet, it must be some unspoken rule among children that ice cream is only worthy if it’s wonderfully colored.  Do you ever hear a young child order plain chocolate ?  Why don’t children willingly sample brown food? At what age do we truly discover the magnificence of chocolate?….and how come they never offer adults those little candy eyes for their ice cream? So many questions that I’m pondering today….which gives me an idea. The wheels just never stop spinning.   Happy Monday!

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