Family Photo Sessions| Terri Gillis Photography 2014 | West Michigan Family Photography

I photograph many family photo sessions every year and I deal with a lot of little people who are typically interested in getting their picture taken for the first 5 minutes of it.  After that the marathon begins….Me trying to engage them in any way I possibly can.   I have my standard tricks and these two were pretty easy. Just give them a chance to make silly faces and they erupt into uncontrolable laughter.  During this session there was dancing, there was a little singing (confesssion… I did not know the words to any of the songs from Frozen),  there was posing (Thank you Caroline for your assistance!!), there was a tour of their house,  there was candy, promises of rewards and shopping, a little tickling & lots of laughter.  Honestly, it was very fun!!

They are the typical family. They book their session with high hopes of having family photos to remember these precious days. The most important thing I can relay  is to just relax.  Sometimes having Mom and Dad walk into the other room is just enough to take the pressure off; that’s  when the magic begins.  Thankfully Jeffrey and Amy have trusted me with so many of the sweetest moments of their lives that they gladly let me have my fun with their kids.  A little time and a lot of patience is all that’s required to create images that will surely capture your heart. 

If a 4 year old wants to assist with posing her parents for a photo you just go with it.  Priceless!! 

I gave each of them the opportunity to pick their “pose”.  Keaton required his Cheetah and preferred not to smile.  Caroline put her hand on her hip and told me “Just tell me when you’re ready”…. Hahahahahaha…. I could hardly take it.  it was so cute!

Caroline offered MANY time to take my photo… “Just pass me your camera”… She settled for this photo with me.  {I might frame this in my office!}

The last image from our session…. so precious.

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