Family Beach Session |Terri Gillis Photography 2013

I just had to highlight this beach session and give a shout out to this family for…..

1.) Being on time, prepared  and excited for this session!

2.) Not leaving during the session even though they  probably wanted to.

3.) Being super patient with me.  This is our very first time working together and this session was about 3 weeks ago (I can’t shoot and edit at the same time – I’m a little behind).  After the session they probably think I took their money and ran.

As you look through the photos you’ll notice  that everything seems absolutely “picture” perfect.  The sky is beautiful, the family does not appear to be sweating (Hello!!  Why the heck is it so hot IN SEPTEMBER?), and notice there are no extra bodies around on the beach.  When we arrive I swear I could hear a choir of angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus….. it could not have been more ideal of a situation if I asked…. In August!!   And then we were there for about 5 minutes and I knew why the beach was empty….. Black. Flies.  They seriously attacked us and when editing I had to remove over 100 flies off of their legs, ankles and feet.  This session was a mini-session and was only scheduled to last “about 30 minutes”.  And that’s exactly how it went, 30 minutes and we could not get off that beach fast enough.

So although my visit with them was short and sweet, I know these beautiful photos will be cherished forever.

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