Baby Sister….

I recently heard Beth Moore speak and she described herself as someone who gets “drunk on babies”.  It was such a light bulb moment for me because that is EXACTLY how I would describe myself.  I LOVE infants!!!   Between Steve’s family and mine we have had a “baby” for 16 years non-stop.  We have a ton of nieces and nephews and I just got my baby “fix” last weekend (and again on Tuesday) with my littlest nephew Dawson.  He’s so sweet I just can’t stand it!  I’m a baby hog in our family and I seriously keep track of when it’s my turn to hold the baby again.  With all of that I have just one more reason to be thankful for my job….being around newborns is just awesome.  I love babies, love to look at babies, love to cuddle them and pose them.  It’s intoxicating to me!

Meet Macy!  Isn’t she the most darling little thing you’ve ever seen? I seriously could not stop staring at this child, she is so gorgeous!   If I had to have a “best” friend in my photography business it would, hands down, be Macy’s big sister Ella.  She’s so cute, loves to have her picture taken and does so without complaint.  She’s amazing and I could brag about her all day.  Seeing her with her new sister was so sweet.  Ella had no qualms about holding Macy, shifting her around, or sharing her favorite blanket with her.   I didn’t even have to ask Ella to smile when she looked at Macy. Once Ella and Macy were positioned the way I wanted them Ella looked down at and lit up at the sight of Macy’s face. It was so sweet.  She naturally pulled her up and kissed her. As you can see from the pictures, Ella loves her baby sister.  Thanks Mike and Jessica for entrusting me with the special moments in your life.  It seems like just yesterday I followed you down the aisle with my camera.

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