A heart of Gratitude….

I just took my Christmas tree down last week so I think I’m safe to go ahead and move into 2011 with a “heart-y” farewell to 2010.  I’m making reflections, planning for 2011 and am in the very beginning stages of making some big (exciting) changes with my #1 resolution being all about balance.  I’m moving into 2011 with my heart in full focus on the 3 most important things in my life….my relationship with GOD, trusting Him and being submissive to His leading and guiding….MY FAMILY…I love juggling this family it’s really not that difficult for me until you throw in that I’m also in love with my JOB. I have a heart of gratitude towards God for the way he has blessed me in & through my job, I have no good reason to explain why it works or why I make money doing something I love so much…I have a heart of gratitude towards my family…My kids look at photos, ask questions, make comments and offer encouragement, they fend for themselves, wish me luck (I hope you win!) and are helpful to load and unload my equipment…My nieces and nephews appreciate the comfort zone of my house, eating from my giant jar of pretzels but are all business when I pull out the camera, my parents who think I’m some sort of rock star (which couldn’t be further from the truth) but I love knowing that I have two people fighting to be my #1 fan…..and my clients…so many beautiful faces….I have a huge heart of gratitude towards them. I’m thankful for new faces and faces that I’ve seen time and again.  I love hearing about how you became engaged, watching your mom lace up your wedding gown, holding your baby, talking to you about which college you’ll go to or the sports you’re involved in & watching your mom gush with pride over you,  discovering things we’ve got in common, the way you don’t laugh at me when I look so professional laying on the ground or standing on my ladder (aka ‘Tina’).  I’m thankful that you trust me with your memories, moments, experiences…… You capture my heart every single time and I’m grateful.

“There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart….pursue those”.  – Michael Nolan

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