Whatever you do, do it well.

Wow… I’m still alive in case you wondered. I doubt anyone reads this but you just never know!

I’ve recently spent a decent amount of time primarily doing graphic design in the corporate world. Who knew I would enjoy having my own office, people to work with that I would grow to love and honestly just a great company to have the opportunity to work for.  I loved it the most winter because doing photos slows down and it was nice to have something else…. and yet it was very difficult to juggle in the summer months. So I had to make a choice and as the Brady’s sang it so eloquently “When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange, who you are and what you’re gonna be…”  Now that song will be stuck in your head instead of just mine.  You’re welcome.

So here I am…Finally having a chance to devote my attention to a few things.  In this time I’ve resolved FOUR issues I was having with updating my website, my proofing gallery, my ftp program and one of my design programs…. and I have written a blog post. I literally feel like I am winning at life by having figured these out and crossing them off of my list… and it’s only Wednesday!!

You don’t really realize when you are spreading yourself so thin until you notice what you’ve neglected and decide to get up and at it.  I’m committed to being better aware of where and how I’m spending my time and attention.  I want to be fully present in each situation…in my job, in my home and especially with my family. To honor this commitment I would have to begin by taking better care of myself.

So here I am at 3:16 p.m about to wrap up my day at this computer, knowing I accomplished a few huge things this week and that because of the attention I gave to these things now, other things will be easier going forward.

One foot in front of the other… Whatever you do, do it well. <3


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