BFF’s| Grand Rapids Family Photography

Sisters are blossoms in the garden of life.  ~Author Unknown

I titled this BFF’s because I’m adding these two to my personal list.  I’ve have the privilege of photographing them for several years. Lauren was 4 the first time she came to me and her little sister was born about a year later.   They crack me up,  Lauren is all business when were “working” (Let’s use that term very loosely because being with them is way to much fun to use the “w” word),  she’s about as close as I’ll ever get to a super model and although Claire doesn’t seem to mind it she’s more business as in …Let’s get on with it so we can be done.  Seeing them in their rolls as “big sister” and “little sister” is so sweet….Lauren is  caring and sweet with Claire, she offers direction and guides her.  Claire is quiet. She listens and follows Lauren lead.  They hold hands, they laugh, little hugs & kisses; Lauren helps Claire smile by lifting up her lip….Claire cracks up after Lauren kisses (and kisses) her cheek.  Want the dog in a pose? No problem, Lauren is on it.   It’s seriously more fun than I should be allowed!!

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